Civil : 95% || EEE : 98%
Mechanical : 98% || ECE : 98%             
CSE : 99% ||    IT : 98%


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Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for UG Programs

The candidates who want to seek admission in SICET have to qualify in the EAMCET (Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test) examination conducted by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. To be eligible for appearing in the EAMCET examination, the student should have passed the 10 + 2 with Maths, Physics and Chemistry as their main stream and min. 50%.

The candidates should attend the counseling for admission into the Engineering colleges conducted by the Convenor. Based on the rank obtained in EAMCET, candidates can opt for SICET as per the availability of the college and branch at the time of counseling. SICET (An Autonomous Institution) offers B.Tech four year degree course for specialization in the branches of CSE, ECE, EEE, Mech, Civil and IT

Fees :

Rs.76,000/-(2012 - 2013 - Admissions) and Management seat it is Rs.76,000/-. (Merit for EAMCET Rank and Inter Marks) CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical and IT. For courses are accredited by NBA - AICTE, Rs.3,000/- extra has to be paid towards tuition fees for both the category seats in these streams.

For MBA For Convener seat it is Rs.27,000/- and for Management seat it is Rs.30,000/-.

For M.Tech.For Convener seat it is Rs.57,000/- and for Management seat it is Rs.57,000/-. For M.Tech. CSE, CS and Thermal Engineering (SIIET).

For more details contact: Admin. Officer ( (93470 54999, 93473 53999, 93473 53999, 93470 98999) )

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The Efficient Administrative office staff of SICET

S.No Faculty Name  Dept  Designation 
1 Dr. P Mallesham  Mech Prof.
2 B Manmohan Rao  Mech  Prof 
3 D Madan  Mech  Prof. 
4 YV Ramana Murthy  Mech Assoc. Prof
5 M Srinivasa Rao  Mech Assoc. Prof. 
6 Ch Naga Raju  Mech  Assoc. Prof 
7 B Ch Venkata Reddy  Mech Assoc. Prof. 
8 G Swathi  Mech Assoc. Prof. 
9 N Uma Devi  Mech  Assoc. Prof. 
10 G Sandeep Naik   Mech  Assoc. Prof. 
11 T. Glory  Mech  Assoc. Prof. 
12 A Pramodh Reddy  Mech  Asst. Prof 
13 K Sowjanya  Mech  Asst. Prof 
14 D Balu  Mech Asst. Prof 
15 B Nagu Naik   Mech  Asst. Prof 
16 AC Raghu Kishore Yadav  Mech  Asst. Prof 
17 N Praneeth Reddy  Mech  Asst. Prof 
18 MS Rajashekar  Mech  Asst. Prof 
19 Y Raja Kumar  Mech  Asst. Prof 
20 P Amarnath Reddy  Mech  Asst. Prof 
21 K Vinay Kumar Reddy   Mech  Asst. Prof 
22 A Bharathi  Mech  Asst. Prof 
23 A Parimala Saketha Mech  Asst. Prof 
24 B Sruthi  Mech  Asst. Prof 
25 K Sandeep  Mech  Asst. Prof 
26 V Sirisha  (21.06.2017) Mech  Asst. Prof 
27 Prabhu (29.06.2017) Mech  Asst. Prof 
28 B Nagaraju (21.06.2017) Mech  Asst. Prof 
29 V Madhu Babu  Mech  Asst. Prof 
30 G Nagaraju  Mech  Asst. Prof 
31 Ranjith  Mech Asst. Prof 
32 GV Srinivasa Rao  Mech  Asst. Prof 
33 Ch Ramakrishna  Mech Asst. Prof 
34 T Arun Mech Asst. Prof 
35 T Aravaind  Mech Asst. Prof 
36 Vivekanand Patil  Mech Asst. Prof 
37 G Lakshmi  Mech Asst. Prof 
38 G Ravi Kumar  Mech Asst. Prof 
39 B Naveena  Aero  Asst. Prof 
40 SV Swarupa  Aero  Asst. Prof 
41 S Muralidhar Yadav  Civil  Prof
42 D Rajendra Babu  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
43 B Shiva Shankar  01.02.2016 Civil  Asst. Prof. 
44 K Pradeep Kumar  Civil  Asst. Prof
45 M Harish Sankar  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
46 V Ravi Varma  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
47 A Rakesh Reddy  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
48 R Srikanth  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
49 K Maheshwari  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
50 G Geeta  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
51 K Bala Kishore  Civil  Asst. Prof 
52 T Vishnu Vardhan  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
53 B Lavanya  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
54 B Butchi Babu  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
55 Vivek Patil Civil  Asst. Prof
56 Chandrashekar Murthy  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
57 S Gajendra  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
58 G Swarna Mallika  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
59 G Nagamani  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
60 D Abhiyanth  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
61 D Sunil Kumar  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
62 N Naganjaneya Reddy  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
63 J Naresh  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
64 A Tony  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
65 K Sumithra  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
66 D Swapna  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
67 N Sruthi Das  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
68 S Chirasmayee Civil  Asst. Prof. 
69 Ch Sandeep Reddy  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
70 Ch Manasa  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
71 Mohd Tajuddin  Civil  Asst. Prof. 
72 Chandra Mouli Civil  Asst. Prof. 
73 Dr. Ch GVN Prasad  CSE Prof.
74 Dr K Venkatesh Sharma CSE Prof
75 Dr. Vijayapal Reddy  CSE Prof. 
76 Dr. PSR Murthy  CSE Prof.
77 D Syam Sunder  CSE Prof.
78 Dr. S Rama Swamy  CSE Prof. 
79 P Appala Naidu  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
80 V Chandra Prakash CSE Assoc. Prof. 
81 A Laxmikanth  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
82 D Kishore Babu  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
83 M China guruvaiah  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
84 Ch Narasimha Chary CSE Assoc. Prof. 
85 A Chitty  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
86 K Anjaneyulu  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
87 K Ram Mohan Goud CSE Assoc. Prof. 
88 T Charan Singh  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
89 G Shilpa  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
90 A Srinivas  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
91 Ch Kedari Rao  CSE Assoc. Prof. 
92 B Shashi Rekha  CSE Asst. Prof. 
93 K Gurunadha Guptha  CSE Asst. Prof. 
94 B Surya Narayana Redy CSE Asst. Prof. 
95 Md Saleem Ahmed  CSE Asst. Prof. 
96 P Swarnalatha  CSE Asst. Prof. 
97 Y Raju  CSE Asst. Prof. 
98 M Sampoorna  CSE Asst. Prof. 
99 B Venkata Krishnakanth  CSE Asst. Prof. 
100 J Gopaiah  CSE Asst. Prof. 
101 Ramya S   CSE Asst. Prof. 
102 M Kiran Kumar   CSE Asst. Prof. 
103 G Chandra Kala  CSE Asst. Prof. 
104 U Jhashuva  CSE Asst. Prof. 
105 K Yamini  CSE Asst. Prof. 
106 K Aparna    CSE Asst. Prof. 
107 R Sowmya    CSE Asst. Prof. 
108 A Linga  CSE Asst. Prof. 
109 B Suresh Naik   CSE Asst. Prof. 
110 Krishna K CSE Asst. Prof. 
111 N Kranthi Kumar  CSE Asst. Prof. 
112 A Sai Prasanna   CSE Asst. Prof. 
113 K Raju  CSE Asst. Prof. 
114 P Naresh  CSE Asst. Prof. 
115 M Swathi  CSE Asst. Prof. 
116 Sushmitha J   CSE Asst. Prof. 
117 G Nataraja Shekar  CSE Asst. Prof. 
118 E Pavithra  CSE Asst. Prof. 
119 SNVASRK Prasad  CSE Asst. Prof. 
120 G Durga Bhavani  CSE Asst. Prof. 
121 K Geetha  CSE Asst. Prof. 
122 G Uma Maheshwari  CSE Asst. Prof. 
123 A Rangamma  CSE Asst. Prof. 
124 KS Ranadheer Kumar  CSE Asst. Prof. 
125 JS Radhika  CSE Asst. Prof. 
126 B Surekha  CSE Asst. Prof. 
127 O Mounika  CSE Asst. Prof. 
128 T K Mounika  CSE Asst. Prof. 
129 K Revathi  CSE Asst. Prof. 
130 K Chandar  CSE Asst. Prof. 
131 B Sridhar Reddy  CSE Asst. Prof. 
132 P Venkat Reddy  CSE Asst. Prof. 
133 G Rushinder Babu  CSE Asst. Prof. 
134 G Venkanna  CSE Asst. Prof. 
135 PV Ramanaiah CSE Asst. Prof. 
136 G Rohini  CSE Asst. Prof. 
137 SV Subramanyam  CSE Asst. Prof. 
138 A Sandeep  CSE Asst. Prof. 
139 P Mukunthan  ECE Prof
140 Prof AK Jain  ECE Prof
141 Dr V Nagarajan  ECE Prof. 
142 Parameshachari Divakarachari B ECE Prof
143 Joseph Prabhakar Williams ECE Prof
144 Dr. P. Gopal Reddy  ECE Prof. 
145 Prof K Ashok Babu ECE Assoc. Prof.
146 M Shiva Kumar  ECE Assoc.Prof. 
147 P Prashanth ECE Assoc. Prof. 
148 B Sandhya  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
149 K Ram Mohan Rao  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
150 B Deepika Rathod  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
151 V Prathyusha  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
152 B Srinivas  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
153 T Nagaveni ECE Assoc. Prof. 
154 B Kondalu  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
155 S Narsimulu  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
156 B Neeraja  ECE Assoc. Prof
157 P Ramadevi  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
158 Suresh Ballala  ECE Assoc. Prof. 
159 NC Sendhil Kumar  ECE Assoc Prof
160 E Parusha Ramu  ECE Asst. Prof. 
161 P Udaya Sri  ECE Asst. Prof. 
162 G Raj Kumar  ECE Asst. Prof. 
163 Abdul Khaja Pasha  ECE Asst. Prof. 
164 D Thirumala Reddy  ECE Asst. Prof. 
165 K Maheshwari Devi  ECE Asst. Prof. 
166 A Venugopal  ECE Asst. Prof. 
167 G Sravanthi  ECE Asst. Prof. 
168 V Sunitha  ECE Asst.Prof 
169 K Rajitha  ECE Asst. Prof. 
170 B Sravani  ECE Asst. Prof. 
171 D Sandhya Rani  ECE Asst. Prof. 
172 P Srinivas  ECE Asst. Prof. 
173 K Sravani  ECE Asst. Prof.
174 B Satyanarayana ECE Asst. Prof.
175 Syed Sana Fatima ECE Asst. Prof.
176 M Nikitha    ECE Asst. Prof. 
177 G Narendra Prasad   ECE Asst. Prof. 
178 R Venkataiah ECE Asst. Prof. 
179 Ch Vinathi ECE Asst. Prof.
180 P Swathi   ECE Asst Prof.
181 B Hemavathi  ECE Asst. Prof
182 N Lavanya  ECE Asst. Prof
183 A Venu ECE Asst. Prof
184 M Revathi  ECE Asst. Prof
185 D Bharathi  ECE Asst. Prof
186 R Likitha  ECE Asst. Prof. 
187 Y Prasanna Laxmi  ECE Asst. Prof. 
188 B Navya Sri  ECE Asst. Prof. 
189 Seema Khatoon  ECE Asst. Prof. 
190 G Krishna Veni  ECE Asst. Prof. 
191 D Mamatha  ECE Asst. Prof. 
192 K Anil Kumar  ECE Asst. Prof. 
193 M Venkateshwar Rao  ECE Asst. Prof. 
194 Tahseen Fatma  ECE Asst. Prof. 
195 K Usha Sree ECE Asst. Prof. 
196 Dr NC Jagan  EEE Prof
197 K Venkateshwarlu  EEE Assoc.Prof. 
198 J Rakesh Sharan  EEE Assoc.Prof. 
199 Ch Sai Ram  EEE Assoc.Prof. 
200 C Veeramani  EEE Assoc.Prof. 
201 E Venkatesh  EEE Asst. Prof. 
202 J Srinivas  EEE Asst. Prof. 
203 B Krishna  EEE Asst. Prof. 
204 B Srinath  EEE Asst. Prof. 
205 TR Bhuvaneshwari  EEE Asst. Prof. 
206 N Chatru  EEE Asst. Prof. 
207 K Shirisha  EEE Asst. Prof. 
208 S Vijay Kumar  EEE Asst. Prof. 
209 T Srinivas   EEE Asst. Prof. 
210 K Sumalatha  EEE Asst. Prof. 
211 T Venu Gopal EEE Asst Prof. 
212 K Lavnya  EEE Asst. Prof. 
213 P Kavitha  EEE Asst. Prof. 
214 Md Ahmed  EEE Asst. Prof. 
215 A Shailaja  EEE Asst. Prof. 
216 A Shruthi  EEE Asst. Prof. 
217 Dr A Ramakrishna Rao  H&S Prof.
218 Dr P Bala Subhrahmanyam H&S Prof.
219 Dr A Bhanu Prasad  H&S  Prof.
220 V Desai  H&S  Prof.
221 N Shailaja  H&S Assoc. Prof. 
222 V Leelavathi  H&S  Assoc.Prof. 
223 M Chalapathi Rao  H&S Asst. Prof 
224 MNV Appa Rao  H&S Asst. Prof 
225 S Praveen Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
226 B Madhusudhan Rao  H&S Asst. Prof. 
227 M Ranjith Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
228 A Shiva Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
229 V Saritha  H&S Asst. Prof. 
230 P Manjula H&S  Asst. Prof 
231 U Sahitya  H&S  Asst. Prof
232 MSR Uma Sankari  H&S  Asst. Prof. 
233 P Sunanda  H&S  Asst. Prof. 
234 K Jyothi  H&S Asst. Prof. 
235 T Neelima  H&S  Asst. Prof. 
236 Md Thofeeq H&S  Asst. Prof 
237 U Anuradha  H&S  Asst. Prof. 
238 B Bhargavi  H&S  Asst. Prof. 
239 G Sunitha (16.12.2015) H&S  Asst. Prof. 
240 V Vijaya Madhavi  H&S Asst.Prof 
241 M Naresh 22.12.2015 H&S Asst.Prof 
242 B Ramesh 23.12.2015 H&S Asst.Prof 
243 Sreekakulam Chitanya 16.12 H&S Asst.Prof 
244 N Sunitha 15.12.2015 H&S Asst. Prof. 
245 G Ravi   22.12.2015 H&S Asst. Prof. 
246 M Rekha Rani  H&S Asst. Prof. 
247 P Sindhuja  18.02.2016 H&S Asst. Prof
248 Ch Ashok Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
249 M Govind Ambica  H&S Asst. Prof. 
250 D Sowjanya  H&S Asst. Prof
251 B Anuradha  H&S Asst. Prof
252 N Shekar  H&S Asst. Prof
253 Y Srinivas  H&S Asst. Prof
254 M Leela  H&S Asst. Prof
255 G Sateesh  H&S Asst. Prof
256 K Haritha  H&S Asst. Prof
257 G Shyam Sunder Reddy  H&S Asst. Prof
258 V Sailaja  H&S Asst. Prof
259 V Venkaiah  H&S Asst. Prof
260 Ch Pavani  H&S Asst. Prof
261 E Rajendra  H&S Asst. Prof
262 V Srujana  H&S Asst. Prof
263 M Mahesh  H&S Asst. Prof
264 P Harish  H&S Asst. Prof
265 P Satyendra Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof
266 M Sadanandam  H&S Asst. Prof
267 K Chandrika  H&S Asst. Prof
268 E Shiva Krishna  H&S Asst. Prof
269 P. Venugopal H&S Asst. Prof
270 K Sai Kumar  H&S  Asst. Prof
271 N Sharmilee H&S  Asst. Prof
272 R Sambasiva Rao  H&S Physical Director 
273 P Dayakar Reddy  H&S  Librarian 
274 K Vijay Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
275 N Keerthi Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
276 BV Bhargavi  H&S Asst. Prof. 
277 Mruthyunjaya Goud  H&S  Asst. Prof. 
278 B Tharun Kumar  H&S Asst. Prof. 
279 V Pavani 16.12.2015 IT  Asst. Prof. 
280 A Swapna   16.12.2015 IT Asst. Prof
281 A Sreeja 15.12.2015 IT Asst. Prof. 
282 V Ramesh 15.12.2015 IT Asst. Prof. 
283 M Manasa IT Asst. Prof
284 Dr N Bhaskara Rao  MBA Prof
285 D Udaya Bhanu MBA Prof. 
286 M Sruthi MBA Asst. Prof. 
287 P Shekar Rao  MBA  Asst. Prof. 
288 B Hari Krishna  MBA Asst. Prof. 
289 Aruna Goud  MBA Asst. Prof. 
290 M Sudha Rani  MBA Asst. Prof. 
291 K Aruna Jyothi  MBA Asst. Prof. 
292 K Kalpana  MBA Asst. Prof. 
293 A Ravi Kumar Goud  MBA Asst. Prof
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